About Us

SAIF Electrical Manufacturing Limited (SEML)

SAIF Electrical Manufacturing Limited (SEML) is a concern of SAIF Powertec Ltd which is one of the leading company of Bangladesh keeping its territory into the world of engineering service and energy sector since last two decades.

SAIF Electrical Manufacturing Limited is a new concern of SAIF Powertec Ltd, has started in 2014. Our Renewable Energy division introduce LED lighting products in our market since 2010, because of huge market acceptance of our products we extend our new concern named ‘SAIF Electrical Manufacturing Limited (SEML). Already SEML proved its ability to manufacture, supply, installation of all types of LED lighting as well as complete electrical solutions on turnkey basis, we have a large technical team to do this. We already started our factory at Kaligonj, Gazipur for different types of LED light manufacturing and assembling. It is 9.5 KM from Dhaka. We manufacture/assemble commercial lights, industrial lights, street lights, office lights, household lights and so on. In near future we also plan to manufacture different types of electrical products (Such as: Switch, Socket, Circuit Breaker, Fan etc).

We (SEML) deliver turn-key solutions that take all the hassle out of cost reduction and ensure you smooth and dependable operations. We are committed to deliver the best quality in each one of our products and services. In that reason, we take full responsibility for each stage of the process from Lighting Audit to Delivery and Installation. We do this to ensure the selection of the best options and the delivery of the most complete solution. The excellent after sales service supports you as a customer every day for the lifetime of the installation.

SAIF Powertec Ltd – as one of the leading and popular name in Bangladesh, we engage in Engineering service, Battery manufacturing, Renewable energy, Plastic products manufacturing, Port container terminal operation, Power generation, Petro-Chemical, Maritime etc. Our business units are SAIF Powertec Ltd, E-Engineering Ltd, SAIF Electrical Manufacturing Ltd, SAIF Plastic and Polymer Ltd, SAIF Port Holdings Ltd, SAIF Maritime Ltd, Maxon Power Ltd, SAIF Global Sports Ltd, Blueline Communications, SAIF Sporting Club.